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Yoko Wool Products Ltd. specialises in wholesale woolen clothing. One of the most prominent items on offer are our snug wool slippers. These indoor slippers are extremely popular among our clients, mostly thanks to the fine materials used to produce them. Our woolen footwear and clothing feels remarkably soft to the touch, which is why so many of our customers adore it. We always make sure the companies we work with produce quality products, so that retailers and individual clients can fall in love with them.

Our products, including the beautiful and extremely comfortable Sheep by the Sea slippers, come in a variety of designs and sizes, allowing all types of customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

The Irish landscape, with its picturesque coastline and rolling hills covered in sheep, is the inspiration for our Sheep by the Sea brand. We want to connect our customers with the heart and soul of Ireland.

Our beautiful, easy wear, pure woolen collection feels remarkably soft and comfortable.

Sheep by the Sea invites you to wrap up in warm, natural style and take a journey through this magical island.

Our vast collection of wool slippers can be seen below. They are celebrated not only for their comfort but also for their incomparable thermal insulation; the natural wool material protects from cold and generates warmth while remaining breathable and dry. Pure wool is also a health-conscious choice, as it is widely recognised as hypoallergenic and often used by people struggling with arthritis, rheumatism, and back pain.


Our company is a dependable wool clothing supplier based in Dublin, Ireland. We offer a wide collection of products for all types of customers. Besides attire, we distribute a variety of accessories including mittens, hats, scarves, bags, and even sheepskin rugs. Each vest or pair of wool slippers is made from the finest materials, appreciated for their breathability and softness. We believe in our woolen goods because we know just how important comfort and thermoregulating properties are, especially during the cold winter months.


Once purchased, our Sheep By The Sea slippers quickly become necessary footwear around the house, especially during the colder months. Customers love the care we put into each product as well as the quality and softness of the material itself. The thermal insulation provided by our pure wool slippers will be appreciated by anyone who struggles with cold feet or craves warmth during winter. Take a look through our collection to see just how many different items we distribute to individual and business clients.


Among our vast selection of woolen footwear, customers can find products for children and adults alike. Coldbreaker slippers are unbelievably comfortable indoor slippers which provide the wearer with an alleviating warmth even when outdoor temperatures drop below zero. As a reliable wool clothing supplier, we make sure each product we sell is made with great care from the highest quality fabrics. We thoroughly test each item to be certain our customers are getting the best clothes and the cosiest slippers.



We present you with traditional Irish slippers, which are the epitome of cosiness and comfort. They are made from solid, natural materials and give the feeling of relaxation to the owner. They are intended to be worn inside, therefore they will be a perfect accessory for cold evenings and nights. Many of them feature also an anti-slip sole to prevent the wearer from slipping and falling. Irish slippers are available in various sizes, forms and colours, so you will be able to find the exact indoor shoes you are looking


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